Sex with a Monster - He Abuses, Then He Wants It

Shoving, hitting, punching, choking...the violent man is angry once again about his partner disagreeing with him during a dispute.  He doesn't like it when she uses "...that tone" with him.  So the controlling man felt that it was his responsibility to put the argumentative woman in her place.

After the yelling and the violence, the abuser calms down, goes into the kitchen and helps himself to something to drink.  He sits in front of the TV screen with clicker in hand while thinking about what he is going to say to the woman he has bruised and bloodied in the next room.  He yells, "Go clean up!" while the woman nurses her wounds in the bedroom.

The evening was bad--worse than other times, but things are quiet for now.  She tells herself, "As long as I don't say a word to him, everything will be alright."  Before long, the worn-out and battered woman falls asleep.  Not long after she has closed her eyes, the abuser climbs into the bed with her and holds her close.  Half asleep, the victim makes no objection and permits the monster to raise her nightgown up, climb on top of her and penetrate her.  Still sore after being beaten and now in pain below (because she wasn't prepared for sex), the experience that is minutes long feels like hours--she can't wait until the a$$h*le is done!  She rolls over afterward and sobs within, taking great care not to make a noise or move the bed.  If she moves wrong, her partner will ask, "What are you crying about?  Where are you going?"  She hates when he does that.  The angry man has fallen asleep, his snores sounds like a monster.

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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