Wealth Doesn't Make the Angry Partner a Good Guy or Gal

Far too many people are deceived into thinking that someone is a "good" person because they have much wealth, act politely in public, and look attractive.  Having money, degrees, a large house, and a fancy car doesn't make an angry woman or man any better than an angry homeless person on the street!

These argumentative, quick-tempered men and women, who use their money, fame and power to manipulate others, are exposed sooner or later by the long trail of victims they leave behind them.  Yet, those who have a hard time believing that the nice guy they spoke briefly with would act viciously toward his wife or girlfriend are the most deceived.  Some people just can't spot a controlling, mean-spirited person.  Their eyes and ears are charmed into thinking that the one who has least is the problem and the one who has more is considered blessed.  The man or woman with money is deemed smarter, sweeter, and better than the partner who doesn't have as much.  The person who might be well-connected in the community and know many people on the street isn't necessarily the great man or woman at home.

It doesn't help matters trying to prove that a rich, angry man or woman is indeed that way when the one being used and abused is not good with managing his or her money, doesn't know many people in the community, or has a long history of making poor decisions, critics will assume that if he or she is being disrespected by his or her partner then maybe there was something done that made the partner very angry.  These critics will then create assumptions or make up stories rather than listen to the truth particularly when the person doing the abusing is a beloved son or daughter, community leader, celebrity, business owner or investor.

Rarely does an outsider looking in on a couple with many things thinks that something is mentally and spiritually wrong with one or both.  The outsider is more concerned about what pleases the eye than what could be brewing between the troubled couple.  This is why some observers viewing the well-to-do couple are shocked when they hear that one is violently attacked and left for dead.  They are even more disturbed when they realize that the supposedly smart, rich, and attractive guy or gal did it. 

The victim, whether male or female, is often encouraged to stick it out with the partner who has more money or comes from a wealthy family.  Negative stories are ignored, warning signs are overlooked, and listeners formulate their own opinions about the one doing the story-telling.  "I don't believe that man is bad, she is the problem...there is nothing wrong with that woman, she has all that money, her man is probably jealous of her," some might say.  Yet, when the couple is out of public view, the victim sees her husband or boyfriend's true colors.  He will rant about his money and what he bought and how the woman doesn't have any money.  He might brag about his accomplishments while insulting his partner. 

A man, who might be with a wealthy abusive woman, will experience his share of verbal and physical attack especially if he isn't working.  The sneaky woman might even tempt the man to slap, push or kick her, so that she can cry abuse in an attempt to get him out of the house.  If she doesn't want to distribute assets during a break up, the wealthy woman will also find a way to use the court system to rid herself of what she considers is "a problem"--one she created with all her controlling ways.  The same might happen with a rich, abusive man when it comes to pushing his victim outdoors.

Observers, who falsely assume that a rich man or woman is a good person, might want to change their way of thinking.  Further, watch encouraging victims to stay with abusive men and women just because they have wealth (i.e.) nice home, rich parents, expensive car, name recognition, etc. 

When someone repeatedly feels mistreated in a relationship has reached a point that he or she wants out, heed the warning.  Loved ones and friends may want to offer assistance, but keep in mind to avoid the speech about staying with a moody or violent partner because he or she is wealthy.

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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