He Said But God Say - Encouragement for Emotionally, Physically Abused Women

He said, "Stupid."  God says, "Fearfully and wonderfully made."
He said, "I hate you!"  God says, "I love you."
He said, "Crazy!"  God says, "I have given you purpose and a plan for your life.  You are blessed!"
He said, "You don't have...will never have."  God says, "You are prosperous and highly favored."
He said, "You won't."  God says, "I will."
Know who you are in Christ and what "he said" will never matter!

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Feeling Lonely In or Out of a Relationship


She didn't realize she was living in an abusive relationship - married to Christian minister

6 Signs Your Abuser Wants You Dead - Domestic Violence Leave

You don't need anyone telling you how dangerous it is to stay with a violent man or woman.  When domestic violence occurs in a relationship, you leave.  However, it is easier said then done with some people.  They are hell-bent on staying because they think of the abusive person's impact on their lives.  From money invested in property to time spent on children, the victim starts reminiscing and unfortunately fails at successfully creating his or her safety plan.  One of the motivations for some leaving were those signs that clearly show an angry man or woman has simply grown weary of the victim and worse wants the person dead!

A serious wake up call to anyone in an abusive relationship is when they suspect that someone can't wait until your life comes to an end.  Rather they say and do things to stress you out enough so that you will want nothing more than to escape your miserable existence or worse push you into your death by physically harming you in some way.  Here are warning signs that an abuser has every intention of shortening your lifespan.

1)  He or she frequently disrespects you in mean and hateful ways and tells you quite boldly, "I wish you would die...If I could I would kill you myself."  Don't sleep on this kind of talk.  The person is speaking his or her hidden thoughts.

2)  Threatens violence verbally or non-verbally.  If you never thought an abuser would actually hurt you, but nowadays you think differently, you just might be closer to the end of your life than you think.  The threats aren't just lip service, but he or she has said things in a way like sooner or later the big payback is coming.  He or she intends to make good on the threats.

3)  Conducts searches on Internet about how to kill or discard a body.  Have you checked the Internet history lately, an online recycle bin, or viewed those documents printed and left out in the home office.  Of course, if you should confront your abusive partner with your findings he or she will deny his or her intent.  God is trying to tell you something.  Would you like to stay awhile longer to see what is on that crazy man or woman's mind come to pass?

4)  The abusive mate makes a point to remind you that at any given moment he can take you off the face of the earth by brandishing weapons.  He or she isn't showing you a knife, gun, bow and arrow, or anything else just for conversation.  The individual is letting you know he or she will not hesitate to use a weapon on you.  Don't allow your pride or training in self-defense make you falsely think that a partner "would never..."  Keep arguing and you never know when he or she will strike.

5)  Talks to others about what he or she plans to do to you.  What should be eye-opening is when a family member or friend shares that your partner whether drunk or sober said some awful things about you.  Maybe they were just joking, but then again maybe not.  Consider this, healthy couples don't talk about hurting one another to family and friends not even in a playful way.

6)  Attempts to make you ill or murder you by staging accidents, poisonings, etc.  You may not believe your partner is capable of doing such a thing.  However, think again.  Encouraging you to eat or drink something he or she knows will cause you to become ill is a slick way to watch you suffer.  Telling you how much he or she always wanted to go sky-diving, mountain climb, take a cruise, or go somewhere that accidents easily can happen is cause for alarm especially when you have already been threatened with violence by him or her.  How about getting you to do something unusual like commit a crime or introduce you to some strange people who have a criminal past?  You have to wonder just how much your partner hates you.

Maybe wishing you dead is a bit much, but hoping that anything bad happens to you says just how hurt he or she is and why you must think about moving on with your life.  It is obvious that love is non-existent and one is simply surviving in a bad relationship for material assets, children and other things.  In a scorned man or woman's perfect world, he or she would rather see the abuser or victim anywhere but with him or her.

God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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