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Common Legal Penalties For Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can be very damaging to families both physically and emotionally. These crimes are taken very seriously by the court systems. There are many different types of household abuse, each of which carries different legal consequences. Understanding some of the common legal penalties for domestic violence can help anyone struggling with a domestic abuse situation.

Physical violence is usually what people think of regarding household abuse. This can include common forms of abuse like punching, hitting, pushing, and throwing things. However, there are also less common forms of physical abuse which include things like false confinement or imprisonment or denying necessary medical treatment. This type of household violence is usually prosecuted according to the level of assault that was committed.

Emotional and verbal abuse, though it doesn't cause bodily injury, is just as serious as physical harm. Those who have been emotionally damaged by a spouse or other member of the household often have low self esteem and do not feel good enough about themselves to be successful in even the most minimal areas of their life. Provided that no physical damage has been done, emotional and verbal abusers are often sentenced to a rehabilitation program, such as anger management.

Financial abuse involves the control of a person's money or assets. Victims can be barred from handling their own money and given an allowance to be used only for the stipulations set by the abuser. In some cases, victims are even prevented from obtaining a job or an education as a way of asserting more power over them by the abuser. In this case, financial control is often legally relinquished to the victim.

Each type of domestic abuse is different, carrying varying penalties. The most severe forms of abuse are punished with prison sentences as a common legal penalty for domestic violence. In more recent years, courts have been using rehabilitation programs as a part of sentencing to help reform the offenders and prevent future infractions.

Are you looking for help in defending yourself against legal charges? Perhaps you need a federal criminal attorney? You may also want to check out finding domestic violence lawyers if you have been a victim of abuse.

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