Couple Arguing in Public, Woman Throws First Blow, Watch How These Two Cause Chaos

The subway rider (woman in red jacket) is pregnant in pain, she says.  Her boyfriend is saying some things to her that gets her emotionally charged, she says things back that make him angry.  He is in her face, she hits him.  This was the first blow in public view.  He is upset, puts his hands on her.  The crowd reacts to the man, but did nothing when the woman hit him first.  When things are calm, they are back to disputing again.  This time the woman slaps the man, crowd unresponsive.  No one comes over to the woman and tells her anything or restrains her.  When the boyfriend attempts to pay her back, it isn't long before he is locked up with a bystander.  One of the witnesses say something like, "You should have walked away..." to the man.  If the police had arrived, and if everyone would have been honest about the fight, the couple would have been taken to jail.

Lesson to be learned, don't fight at all especially in public!  Don't even date or have sex with a hot-tempered man or woman.  And if you are, stop!  Things only get worse particularly when hormones are raging due to pregnancy.  Don't expect witnesses to help or side with you either.  What was typical about this situation, the victim attempts to defend the abuser.  Keep in mind, if you should jump in a fight, be sure someone is watching the victim, otherwise, he or she might fight you too.  Victims are psychologically messed up due to being abused and controlled for so long, so they learn to protect their abusers and do what they want if their abusers are attacked--they act similar to guard dogs. 

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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