Don't let Your Defenses Down Around a Weirdo - Protect the Good Person Within

You may have started off the relationship as a good girl, but now you find yourself, at times, gone bad around a certain person.  As much as you would love to return to that good girl or guy you knew prior to meeting an abusive mate, you just can't at this time.

An abusive mate is just not going to allow you to live a comfortable, free and happy lifestyle with him or her before this person is going to mess up things yet again!  Some abusive people will just not let anyone around them be happy or live peacefully.  So the old adage goes, Misery loves company, and negative people feel comfortable when they are in the presence of drama.

A quiet lifestyle of routine that appears a bit boring is not the kind of atmosphere abusers want to be in. They don't enjoy laughing, singing, dancing, or being affectionate much.  They are often serious, withdrawn, cold, bitter, jealous, and resentful.  If you attempt to cheer them up, you are rejected.  They will somehow blame you for messing up their mood.  Abusive people are simply at a lost when it comes to what feels right since they have sat in their mess for so long.  A mess of tears, frustration, unresolved childhood issues, bad relationships with parents and siblings, regrets about having children, unsatisfying work, a lack of faith in a Creator, etc. these all make up the negative mood of a weirdo abuser.

Now these weirdo abusers are those who have strange fetishes, weird mannerisms, odd conversation or lack thereof, and frequent mood swings.  They usually know that they are weird since many who may have come before current mates have told them so.  Their own parents might have described them as "odd, strange, weird, or I never could understand That One..." 

The best thing you can do for yourself when around people who exhibit personality disorders is to stay connected with the good person within you.  He or she has gone into hiding to self-protect.  It wouldn't make sense to go into a war with a smile on your face unless you have back-up.  You wouldn't try to perform for the enemy unless you had a plan.  So what good sense would it make to give your best self to someone who revels in destroying happy people?

Abusive men and women tend to be weird in the way that they behave.  Their personality disorders tend to get the best of them sometimes, and when they do, look out, they seek to wipe the smile off your face.  The na├»ve, gullible and ignorant will defend what they believe is a nice guy or gal without fully knowing them.  These people usually get a rude awakening especially when they see evidence that the abuser isn't who they originally thought.  When one is dealing with a weirdo abuser, it is absolutely a must to protect ones inner being--to keep the good person within intact.

An abuser is nothing more than an agent for seen as well as unseen entities and when in the presence of pure evil and weirdness, you are left with no choice but to fight him, it and all with simple and fervent prayers of deliverance!

"Deliver, oh God, those who are enslaved by the wickedness of evil-doers!  Bring immediate peace to their situations.  Remind them of your powerful presence and cause them to draw near to you as a result of every obstacle that they face, in Jesus name, Amen."  Read Psalm 91 and Psalm 23 today.  Break the stronghold of evil right now!

Nicholl McGuire  

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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