Men with Sexual Addictions - No Boundaries When it Comes to Getting Needs Met

For some addicts who love their porn, women, alcohol, drugs, and anything else that makes them feel good, they just don't have any boundaries.  They will not deny themselves most perverted pleasures. Many of these individuals have to try something at least once, walk on the wild side or sow their oats.

If these sexual addicts want sex with a girl, boy, woman, man, or even an animal, they are open to it. If they want to do drugs or drink alcohol with minors and others who are up to whatever, they will wait for the intoxicated person to let his or her guard down and take advantage.  Meanwhile, the gullible is deceived into thinking that the porn addict's interest is merely restricted to printed magazines and DVDs and partying with buddies periodically, but the emotions and sexual needs are frequent, and if not satisfied, they tend to show up in ways that leave any discerning individual uncomfortable, worried about what more might be going on with the addict, etc.

While parents worry about influences outside the home and "stranger danger" signs, most sexual abuse issues occur within the home and with people the child knows.  A covert sexually perverted boyfriend, husband, or some other relative gradually takes interest in physical contact with a young female living in the home or visiting.  Everything appears harmless and friendly at first until the girl starts sharing stories of sitting on a loved one's lap often, how he often kisses her or touches her body, wrestling with him or playing "fun" games, watching him view "weird, funny, nasty" things on a computer, etc.  Addicts don't see that what they are doing is hurting those around them until they are abused themselves, divorced, jobless, childless, jailed, etc. and for some, even after they have experienced some of these things, they will still reason that what they were doing or saying to a child wasn't that bad and everyone is blowing stuff out of proportion in their view.

A busy mom, who has little time, a short attention span, and just would never think such things, repeatedly ignores the early warning sexual abuse signs that a relative or friend is getting insatiable desires met through perverted play with her child.  She makes excuses for what she sees.  She scolds, ignores, or curses those who come to her with disheartening stories about her abusive mate.  She doesn't bother to change routines.  She avoids spying on the man or checking in on her children when they are with him.  She gaslights/reframes or denies what she knows to be true.  She defends, praises, and covers up things the perverted man does and pretends as if her home is a happy one when others know differently.  She falsely believes that her alone is sexually fulfilling for her perverted mate.

If you hear, see, or know of something a bit odd occurring in the family home with a so-called "good or nice guy with a love for porn and other sexy things," drop a hint, share a story, leave a note, but do something to alert the unsuspecting.  The more awareness you bring to a subject matter, the more likely the perpetrator will stop the abuse at least with one victim.  Whether the perverted person is a beloved husband, father, uncle, family friend, cousin, sibling, or a pillar in the community, speak up!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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