Hunger and Lack of Sleep Will Escalate Arguments, Abuse

A snoring partner, lack of quality food, frequent missed meals, and other issues, and what might one's household look like?  The mind, body and spirit will not act correctly.  The environment is often disorganized because the couple is too tired to get things done.  Phone calls go unanswered because people are sleeping at odd times due to the stress of living there--they just don't have the time or energy to listen to others.

Some couples believe that ignoring something as simple as hunger and sleep is okay.  They think they will function at top levels throughout the day without one or both.  But the look on their faces, sudden mood swings, tiredness, verbal insults, body aches, fluctuating body weight and blood sugar, and hot tempers tell the household and others outside the home, "They have issues."

Selfish people do selfish things.  They know how they are when they don't get adequate rest or meals, yet they will convince themselves that everyone else is the problem.  What about staying up all night watching TV?  Avoiding cooking?  Is frequent arguing affecting rest?  What about physical fighting impacting your body?  How about worry that a partner might leave/call the police/take children away as a result of crazy behavior due to being hungry, tired and overall angry?

Stay up late every night and awake early and what might you feel like on most days?  An already emotional man or woman is not a good person to be around whether with or without food or rest.  If anything, their mannerisms get worse when they don't eat or sleep.

Victims in relationships with hot-tempered partners usually deal with them by making sure there is food in the household, meals prepared and getting their needed rest, sometimes when they aren't around, so that they can withstand the pressure of being with them.

When one is often hungry and sleepy, he or she will not reason like normal human beings.  They will not get necessary treatment for self unless someone calls them out on their demeanor.  Rather, abusers and victims prefer to blame others.  Stubborn men and women who think they can do no wrong will not address issues even if others are hurting deeply because of them.  It is left up to those in the household, who still have their sanity, to find peace.

Nicholl McGuire
YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

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