Make Up in Your Mind to Be Happy

You are free to be happy!  Tell yourself that today!  "I am free to be happy!"

You are free to do what you want, when you want, and how you want it.  Yet, so many women and men in miserable relationships have relinquished all control over being joyous.   These couples have been caught up in the trappings of the following:  frequent crying, fighting, arguing, compulsively spending, over-eating, abusing alcohol or drugs, and more that they find it a challenge to put a smile on their faces and truly feel content on the inside.  Between all the personal drama, they simply forgot what it feels like to be happy on a consistent basis.  When was the last time you saw yourself smile in a mirror?  Now when was the last time you saw yourself genuinely smile with a partner?

When we look at the many problems in our world, we see people who feel like they have no way out of their circumstances.  "I'm married now--can't do anything!" says the disgruntled newlywed.  "He does whatever he wants, he doesn't care much about me." the angry girlfriend says.  "I really wish I would have held off on having a baby with her..." says the new father.  

These hurting individuals are in despair, angry, confused, and resentful.  They can't envision what it's like to be content at this point in their lives and aren't thinking much about it. "It is what it is," says the fed up wife.  Some people try to feel good by making others feel good.  They attempt to turn their home life around by doing nice things on occasion.  They look to others for advice on being happy. However, unless these "I'm doing the best I can" while still carrying around disappointments type of individuals are freeing themselves from the troubling issues that confine them to negative state of minds, they simply won't be happy.  Then there are those who have medical conditions that hinder joyful feelings.

To truly enjoy one's life takes time--lots of it especially when you have robbed yourself of happiness by making frequent poor decisions.  What might it take for you to rebuild your life and finally be satisfied with the results?  The Christian, and others with a faith, will suggest acknowledging a Creator and trusting in Him first.  Establishing a personal connection while casting your burdens on to God.  Others would say, you will need to override fear, worry and stress, by creating a plan and then begin to change your environment.  Sometimes our issues are physiological and have very little to do with others.  Loved ones might offer assistance to help you better your life--that is if you have been honest with them.  Examine every area of your life that seems to be weighing you down.

Many people stay in bad places in mind, body and spirit, because they reason to themselves that they can't, won't or shouldn't get help.  They falsely believe that no one cares.  They contemplate ending their lives because they sold everyone on the idea that their lives were perfect.  It is never too late to come clean and admit, "I am so unhappy!  I hate the way things are!  I need more than just a prayer and a wish!  I want to see change!"

When we are honest with ourselves, we will experience peace, followed by a drive to make some changes, and then eventually happiness.  It can be done, it will be done, if you are willing.  Forget what your mind and others say, know what will make you happy and start from there.  For believers, list what you want your God to do in your life.  I must warn you that His ways aren't our ways, so there just might be some more struggle during the clean up process, but if you stick with the holy Father long enough, He will make your life brand new!  Don't ignore, the signs, miracles and wonders.

Nicholl McGuire
Twitter @nichollmcguire
YouTube channel: nmenterprise7
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