Say Goodbye to Dad by Nicholl McGuire Book Released

This is a non-fiction book of spiritual wisdom, moving personal experiences, and awareness of issues that affect both sons and daughters who have had their share of daddy issues and are struggling to go low or no contact with these men.  The challenges of having a troubled father or guardian in or out of the home affect generations and if the pain of the past is left unaddressed, innocent people will suffer as a result.

Many women and men end up in miserable relationships due to connecting with mates who remind them of toxic relatives.  Once these hurting individuals come to the realization that they have been negatively influenced, mentally and/or physically bound, and made to feel afraid for years by men, who claimed to love them, it is time to make needed changes.

Let Say Goodbye to Dad  by Nicholl McGuire be yet another eye-opener to add to your life and help with your emotional, physical and spiritual journey toward being happy, carefree, and independent from the difficult father figures in your life!

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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