Don't Tell Loved Ones You Didn't Know a Spouse, Partner Was Abusive

There is a big lie that one likes to tell his or herself long after the abusive behavior about a partner has been discovered and that is, "I didn't know my partner was abusive."  Yet, one knows now!  If you have been in a relationship for any significant time, you learned the truth, but you refused to accept it.

  • You knew the day the abusive mate called you out of your name.
  • You knew when you caught him or her in repeated lies and when you confronted your partner, you were intimidated, threatened, and wondered whether he or she was going to hit you.
  • You knew when he or she acted controlling with you, the children, finances, time you spent with others, and where you went.
  • You knew when he or she expected you to report back like a soldier checking in with a sergeant.
  • You knew when your relatives and friends noticed something they didn't like about your love interest early on and you attempted to persuade them to think differently.
  • You knew when the hair on your neck stood up, cold chills ran down your arms, and your stomach churned when once again your partner was angry about something you did or didn't do.
  • You knew when the abuser was harsh with the children and/or the pets.
  • You knew when he or she apologized profusely and promised it would never happen again, but "it" (whatever it is) did over and over again.
  • You knew when your abuser refused to admit that he or she has mental problems.
  • You knew when he or she revealed to you some disturbing details about others the abuser had been involved with.
  • You knew when he or she argued much with you about money and then those arguments led to him or her punishing you via economic abuse, emotional abuse using the silent treatment, passive/aggressive tactics, name-calling, withdrawal of sex, etc.
  • You knew when others told you about him or her hurting them whether verbally or physically and you thought it wouldn't ever happen to you.
  • You knew when you realized you pushed the people you loved the most away to appease your mean-spirited spouse.

You knew!  You knew! You knew!  And you continue to look the other way, make excuses, hide behind lies you and your abuser have conjured up about your dysfunctional relationship!  You knew who you got yourself mixed up with and you hate others when they expose your truth!

God sees.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of books you see on this site.  Purchase one today and read privately online, begin your quest toward FREEDOM today!

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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