You Beat Her Up? Here's What You Need to Know

People lose their tempers and do stupid, cold-hearted, and crazy things while raging.  There are no excuses, no blame, or anything else that will cover up what happened.  A man or woman who loses control will reap what he or she sows.  This is why when you know that you have little time, patience and energy for relationships, don't get involved!  Simply tell the person, you can't handle being with someone intimately at this point in your life.  So now that someone is aware of your dark side, know that the relationship is really not what you think it is, it becomes nothing more than a cage for a victim.  You have captured her mind, body and spirit through a mixture of kindness and violence, shut the door of what you created for her (a cage/prison cell), and when you feel like showing affection, your version of love, and communication you give it to her.  Since the hit, slap, kick, choking, etc. here's what to expect:

1.  She will never be the girl you once knew.
2.  She might start flinching, rejecting affection, or acting scared when you come near her.
3.  She doesn't love you, she fears you and will most likely gradually get quiet, but then have moments of rage when triggered by you that might even scare you.
5.  She will pretend as if everything is okay with you two when it really isn't.
6.  It would be best to exit the relationship, before you end up in jail or worse someone she knows vows to get even.  Also, avoid contacting her because what you say just might be used against you later.
7.  There is no turning back to good times now that she has seen the monster within you.
8.  She might pick up her own set of abusive habits like:  substance abuse, promiscuity, cursing, name-calling, and acting "crazy" toward you and others.
9.  Don't expect any warm greetings from her family and friends--watch your back.
10.  Those ex-girlfriends that you verbally and physically abused were right about you, you need some help, so start making plans to attend counseling on anger management in your area.  Otherwise, you can always attend court mandated classes one day after the police arrest you for assault.

Save yourself and the person, who once believed that you were one of the good guys, a lot of future problems, get the help you need.  It doesn't come through meeting yet another woman, having sex again, and wishful thinking that this time things will be different.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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