Silent Night, Unholy Night

Staying up practically all night worried over a man.  Thinking strange thoughts after a vicious argument with lights cut off in the dark.  Feeling uneasy as you enter a room your abuser is in at night.  Silent moments after the sun sets can bring on unholy thinking, reactions, and feelings.  Is it really safe to be with someone who just threatened to kill you?  Should you be living in a home with someone you catch staring at you as if he or she hates you?  Do you really need to stay with someone who makes you feel unclean, dirty, or even suicidal?

A lot happens at night as most of the world sleeps.  Strange dreams reveal truth about your waking life.  From creepy critters to ugly faces, your spirit realizes that something during the day is getting the best of your peaceful rest.  So you walk around like a zombie during the day wanting nothing more than your bed.  Being with an abusive partner can affect you in negative ways, sap the energy out of you, cause you to think things you never thought, and make you hate when you rather love.

No matter how much you convince yourself that you are okay and your abusive lover is just going through the motions, you know better and chances are those who know you know the truth.  Bragging on a partner who is obviously a nut case only makes you look like one too.  Telling everyone, "This time things will be different, you'll see..." means nothing to those who care about you.  Sharing all that is wrong in your world with a listening ear doesn't get you out of your situation.

The best thing that anyone can do when peaceful nights seem to turn into consistent nightmares is pray!  Ask your Heavenly Father to come to your aid--do what you can to restore peace to your mind, body and spirit.  There are resources out here in Internet world, use them.  Remember, you are not alone and someone somewhere genuinely cares about you!

For those in abusive situations right now, work toward making your silent nights peaceful ones, and may your warring angels protect you as you go through this very difficult time in your life.

Nicholl McGuire provides insightful audio on channel nmenterprise7, YouTube.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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