Things are Never the Same - First Insult, Slap, Kick, Break up - Dating Violence

You don't understand how did we go from talking about something so simple to blowing up.  Two people had personal qualms with the other and didn't feel it necessary to say much about them until that major argument or physical fight.  Why?  You might ask yourself.  "Why do I put up with this person?"  It really isn't worth the headache or heartache day after day, month after month, or year after year.  But one has to wrap his or head around the idea that freedom is just around the corner.  No more days of wondering what might a partner do next to punish you.  What might he or she attempt to get away with behind your back yet again?

Things never go back to the way they were when you are laboring to love an abusive person.  The mask fell off, the individual forgot to securely tie it on his or her face.  You see the ugly man or woman underneath.  "Why did I have to see that?"  You are turned off.  The personality disgusts you, turns your stomach like looking at a dead animal on the side of the road laying in a pool of blood with his entrails out of his open body.  The smell is bad and so is the appearance.  Well that's what it is like in time remaining in a bad relationship.  The person not only starts to look unattractive to you, but you can't tolerate the odor from him or her after awhile.  Sad, but true.

The recent anger outburst, the words that were said, and anyone or anything else that was around that day plays in your mind like a movie.  "I can't believe she said that...He was lying...I should have told him...The nerve of him to do that to me...She's lucky my sister wasn't around, she would have kicked her a$$."  Then you see the offender walking by you as if nothing is wrong.  He or she sits down and proceeds to carry on with his or her day.  You tell yourself, "I am bigger than this, I will get over it."  But you never do.  You don't ever quite see the abuser as he or she was before during those days when you couldn't say one wrong thing about them.

For some of you readers, you have grown to abhor your partner.  I suggest you use your rage to fuel a plan that cultivates a future of peace, quiet and financial increase (save your money don't spend it on a mean-spirited partner--people like this use and abuse).  If you are believer ask your mighty God to deliver you.  Gradually, you will find yourself more independent, emotionally and physically free.  It was a process to love that man or woman and it will be a process to let him or her go too!  Make God be with you!

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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