Bad Boyfriends, Bad Girlfriends - What Did You Expect? - Abuse

When you had set out to get the finest woman or man in the room or online or maybe you are a teen who sought the most attractive-looking male or female in your class, did you ever think in a thousand years that something might be mentally and/or physically unstable with them?

Of course you didn't during those early days of dating.  Most of us don't think about what might someone's flaws be when we are hell-bent on connecting with them or remaining with these individuals for shallow reasons like:  sexiness, periodic niceties and polite mannerisms. 

We don't bother to ponder why a mentally disturbed partner was single for a long time prior to meeting us or was in a rush to connect with us when there were others, possibly many others.  You might have thought what might have caused the last break up or you went along with whatever he or she told you while hoping for the best.  No thorough investigating, research, talking to anyone who was familiar with the previous relationship--nothing!  The last thing that is on the gullible mind of a potential victim is that the beautiful creature standing before him or her was once unattractive, abused, and used and never got any counseling for one's personal dilemmas.

Behind that alluring persona we might see on social media pages (that is if you are able to access all of one's site, if at all), like a winning smile, and other charming things is something dark--a hidden evil.  You probably couldn't put your finger on it during those early days of dating.  That fake smile covered his or her deep pain, that sweet-smelling fragrance hid a possible odor left behind by someone else, the physically fit exterior was a  mere distraction along with well-ironed clothes, so-called boasts of wealth turned out to be untrue, vehicles were borrowed or lemons, and more discoveries that left you so disappointed.  Within an emotionally or physically abusive person is a crack in his or her personality that might be broken in a million pieces.

Sometimes we can catch a glimpse of that "other person" when they are easily angered, irritated, or
harbor ill resentment about someone or something.  We might dismiss what we see to others, but proceed on in a miserable relationship.  We may avoid staring at a partner's quirky mannerisms while silently praying.  One can sense when another human being is going out of his or her mind periodically and/or gradually for extended lengths of time.  You know something is wrong with Mr. Handsome or Ms. Pretty, but you ignore the signs!

Well, when one persuades his or her self to believe that what he or she sees, feels, hears, smells, etc. is not accurate, then you learn the hard way, don't you?  There will be another fall-out and another.

From a sexual experience that leaves you feeling ill to the strange way a partner looks at someone else, you can feel in your spirit that somethin' just ain't right.  Well guess what?  You're right!

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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