Don't Tell a Partner Your Game Plan or Make Verbal Threats or Act Threatening

You know why a lot of families are grieving this day?  It is because during the heat of an argument their beloved, yet deceased, sons and daughters yelled out their intentions (what they planned to do like leave them) to their abusers, and even acted boldly in attempting to defend themselves.  Victims buried six feet deep prematurely because they just couldn't keep their mouths shut!

You don't tell a violent man or woman your plans, ever!  You might think he or she wouldn't think twice about hitting you, ruining your credit, hurting your children, or doing any other crazy act, but think again!  Just because you have been with someone well-over a decade doesn't mean that he or she wouldn't take what they have learned from you and flip the script!

The Bible warns to love our enemies for good reason.  Even if you can't love an enemy at least act like it until you are as far away from him or her as possible.  Treat the person kindly, but not so well to the point that he or she wonders if you put something in his or her drink.  However, do not under any circumstances tell an abusive man or woman or his or her family what your future plans might be especially if they involve taking children away. 

Keep in mind, the holiday merry-making is nothing more than a mere illusion, a partner hasn't changed and neither have you.  Trust no one but those who can help you outside of you and your partner's social circles.

Stay in prayer and ask God to protect you from all harm and danger.  Seek professional counseling and contact the police and the National Domestic Violence hotline to find out what you can do to be safe.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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