Bills, Cheating, and Lies - Why is the Abusive Boyfriend, Husband So Angry?

You changed since the constant bills, cheating, lies and more while being in a relationship with someone who is emotionally and/or physically abusive. 

Further, you saw the truth a long time ago that the man you are dating or married to is one of five things: a womanizer, a manipulator, a cold-hearted hustler, a serial liar, or a violent man.  Rather than save money, time, and orchestrate a plan to correct your error, you are putting icing on it like a cake.  "I'll pray about it...I will talk to him...I will buy him...I will tell him we need counseling..."  Notice "I will" it's your will from start to finish, but what about God's--the holy one you claim you obey and trust? 

Troubled women try to fix broken men all the time!  These ladies come from varied backgrounds (rich, poor, sane, insane) where they lived wild (and some still do).  These women were abused in previous relationships and have childhoods that have left them permanently scarred emotionally.  They don't ever deny themselves an intimate relationship with men--they think they are "better" or "more aware"-- "learned a lesson."  Not really, they are doing more of the same. 

When troubled women should have been single, they were not.  They continued to go into relationships with noses wide open while wearing rose-colored glasses.  In current toxic relationships, they take what they can and hope for the best, but the best never comes when you are laboring to love an abusive mate.  He only gets older, more difficult and something or someone has to be sacrificed through the duration of the relationship (especially if his allegiance is to Satan via past oaths taken through club memberships and the like). 

These men are angry before they ever meet their victims due to much stuff from childhood on (bitter divorced parents, abusive relatives, physical and/or sexual abuse, poverty, racism, heartbreak, jealousy, ego, Satan worship, military programming, substance addictions, reckless living, sexual diseases and other illnesses, etc.)  These hurting men get worse emotionally, physically and spiritually when they are in what they believe are confining, suffocating, and boring relationships and so they want out!  Since they have no plan or money to leave, they take out their frustrations on those closest to them until they have a plan. 

You see to a man who is use to excitement in his life like seducing women, living a fast life and feeding his personal fantasies, the house with the white picket fence, luxury car in the garage, a baby, wife and pet inside is not the least bit interesting to him.  But these secretly or openly angry men will go along with "the programming" or American dream for a time just enough to come up with a plan that suits them.  They will utilize who and what they can to fulfill their personal dreams until they are ready to bail out.

You women, who are abused by angry men, aren't that blind to see that who or what you are connected with are not the same individuals you first met.  You know you messed up, but entangling the web a little tighter is the last thing you should be doing.  Rather, plans to break free are necessary if you want to keep what is left of your sanity in a relationship with miserable men.  Stay too long and you won't have anything to offer the next man who is truly your match--that one who also made mistakes by connecting with a crazy woman.

Nicholl McGuire knows firsthand about this and has authored many books about a variety of issues women and men face from difficult parents to family secrets.  See her e-books. 

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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