Keep Your Business To Yourself - You Give Your Angry Man or Woman a Stick to Crack Your Head With

So you have something you are just dying to tell your emotionally unstable mate. You really want to make the man or woman you love a buddy today.  So you think you can make a connection with him or her like you once did (back when days were good in your relationship), so here goes, "Guess what I heard today...I just wanted to tell you that...I know something you don't know...You will never guess who I ran into...I received a phone call from..."

You think a nice story about the opposite sex (whether relative or not) will go over well with your insecure partner who just looks at you faking interest in what you have to say.  You assume sharing subject matter that should have been kept to yourself won't cause an argument.  "Well Tina said...and I thought maybe Barry would have..."  So you chat and chat while your partner nods, listens, adds a funny comment or two, or stares off into space.  You walk away thinking, "Well that wasn't bad.  I guess things are looking up...he would have normally said..."  But sooner or later the harmless information you shared will be processed, analyzed, and twisted in that troubled partner's mind and out will come everything that you never meant to say with a few insults, accusations, and blatant lies. "Now what about this Barry, you f*cking him?  I told you Tina is a slut, why are you talking to her?" the jealous partner says.  "By the way, is there anything else you want to share with me?  Aren't you forgetting to tell me about..."

Too much information and you give an unstable man or woman a stick to crack your head with sooner or later.  But there is a way out of the current crisis or pending conflict, you don't say one word.  You don't explain, agree to disagree, or stand there and fight tooth and nail, you walk away of course taking care to keep her or him view.

You will find the more you fight, defend, talk sweetly, or talk loudly, the more an insecure, jealous, or hateful partner will use against you.  Unhappy people will not be happy for you, the people you meet, what you learned, or what you hope to accomplish.  They will find fault in almost anything you say especially if it is some how connected to them.

You see when one makes the decision to labor to love an abusive mate, rather than move on with his or her life, the rules in the healthy relationship books no longer apply.  Don't give a fool any more than you already have to crack you over the head.  Sometimes good communication is no communication.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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