When a Partner Controls Your Money

You can't spend any money without your partner knowing.  You are questioned about what you are doing with your money when he or she asks for some.  You are left feeling guilty when you take money that you have earned to buy something for yourself.  Anyone going through something like this is being controlled.

When one is being controlled, he or she doesn't always know or feel like he or she is being controlled because some individuals just have a charming way of manipulating you into abiding by their rules.  If the rules are, "We tell each other everything including what we do with the money we spend..."  Then quite naturally one is going to go along to get along.  However, slowly but surely one relinquishes all power over to the one making the rules.  He or she loses his or herself into a partner's world that is dominated by a need to know everything.  A partner who is riddled with jealousy, insecurity, unresolved past issues, and more. 

When the one being controlled finally awakens to the harsh reality for days, weeks or even years he or she has been dominated by someone who claims to love him or her, that is when the verbal or possible physical battles increase.  The need to regain one's sense of control over his or her finances is heightened.

One way to gradually get your power back is to start saving money.  Open up an account and start putting money away.  Most likely, the one who has been controlling the purse strings is also controlling sex, purchases, holiday celebrations, vacations, children, household duties, and more.  The victim will need to create a plan that frees him or her of a partner's controlling ways and it will cost much money and time to get away.

Consider opening an online bank account with zero fees, learn more here.  Once the account is set up be sure that no statements come to your address and have money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck.  Don't allow feelings of guilt or a need to be open and honest move you to miss your chance to break free.  Manipulative people know how to work on your mind to get you to do things you rather not do.  They know how to make you answer to them like a child does with a parent.  However, you are not a child and you were not destined to be under someone's control.  Your life should mean more to you than appeasing a mentally sick person.  Start protecting your heart and your finances today!

Controlling people will use your finances to protect their own.  They will tell you they have little or no money so that you can use all of yours while they hold on to their wealth.  Without money, you aren't going to think about leaving the residence that you share with them.  They will also find ways to get you to contribute to their personal plans like buying yet another new thing for the house, bills they have accrued, and whatever else they can come up with.  Meanwhile, you are penniless and can't get away even if you tried, because their charm, promises of gifts, sex, etc. or tactics to make you feel guilty will keep you dependent on them.

Wake up and start creating a plan of independence today.  Get your own account. Click here.

Nicholl McGuire shares tips and offers products and services to help people both on and offline get their personal affairs in order.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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