"We're So Open with One Another" - Tools to Control the Unsuspecting

He bragged about how his future, the woman of his dreams being "so easy to talk to" while she described her "Soul Mate" as being "open, honest and understanding."  However, the two learned after less than a year of dating one another that their facades were nothing more than sales pitches designed to keep the two engaged to one another while shutting everyone else out.

On the outside looking in, observers saw happy people in photographs and a "nice couple" meeting and greeting them.  But what they didn't know is that deep down inside the pair had many warring demons--spirits with many fights to pick.  Jesus was petitioned to come save the couple, but to no avail, because the two couldn't fight personal demons long enough to let an all-knowing God work on them.

The more open one is about his or her past, the more tools you give the double-minded to use against you.  People can dialogue about almost anything, but knowing everything isn't a good thing when you are in a troubled relationship.  Words will hurt.  Past secrets revealed will come back to haunt you.  Disturbed minds don't play fair!

Arguing, cursing, throwing things, lying, acting deceptively, and of course hitting, are all negative reactions that go on behind closed doors between couples who have known one another briefly or for quite a long time.  Enough incidents like this, and the rational mind will check out.  One might behave insanely as a result of all he or she has gone through in the volatile relationship. 

The unsuspecting couple just didn't know when they first started chatting with one another just how deep personal wounds of one's past and present go.  They had no clue about the mess they would later inherit after a first meeting of warm smiles, good conversation, and a hearty meal from the beautiful dame or handsome beau seated across from them.

"We're so open with one another," she says.  He agrees.  A popular statement that really has no long-lasting impact on building one's relationship.  People are open with one another everywhere--from the board room to the bathroom, but it doesn't mean you take them home with you!  Besides, are people, by their very nature, open?  Most lie or cover up feelings, stories, actions, and in actions.  The braggart, who speaks of having an open and honest dialogue with one's partner, eventually learns that many lies and deceptive practices are used to get one to "calm down, do for me, love me" at least for awhile.  Little does one know it will only be a matter of time when the more aggressive of the two will no longer accept being pacified with charm.  "Whatever happen to honesty!?" she cries out.  It is usually at this point when police are called.

Nicholl McGuire


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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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