Poem: Ignored

When I met the charming one,
he was complete.
Finances appeared not to deplete.

Layer after layer, his demeanor,
something impressive.
The relationship was simply

He had a fancy car,
I didn't meet him in any bar.
I said to myself, "He's the type,
he and I will go very far."

His smile was very nice,
his words did entice.

He had owned acres of land.
I found myself falling for this man,
my heart was in his hand.

Relationship began to shift,
like flour through a sift.

What was I to do,
when I noticed his words
became few?

Walked by me like I wasn't much,
held back even the slightest touch.

Talked negatively to others about me,
tried to figure out what did he see?

Offering myself to him like a slave,
money and time, I had gave.

Didn't question the things that he did,
didn't want to blow his lid.

But why was I giving him money or even a little honey?
His sense of humor wasn't the least bit funny.

Then later I learned,
when checks were returned.

Found out more than I wanted,
noticed how he had taunted,
the one before me with his lies,
the one he pretended that he despised.

Looked for ways to compete with me,
insecure, jealous, and a little crazy!

The actor had went away,
to which god did he like to pray?

Served much time, like I did a crime!

For years, fighting back fears!
For years, wiping away tears!

Kept down hope, only tried to cope.

Made mistakes that I couldn't fix,
should have never got caught in
love's mix.

I walking around sometimes
with face to the ground.

I ignored when he was bored.

Love for him, no longer stored.

Nicholl McGuire

Dedicated to those who suffer and are still suffering with a partner who is emotionally abusive.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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