Arguments that Make No Sense

The Christian will blame the devil, the psychologist will say it happens due to conflicting personality disorders, the parent will call it crazy, frequent arguments between two emotional people.  One may have entered the relationship more sensitive to drama than the other, but by the time the relationship matures, both are hypersensitive ready to kill one another!

Arguments, do you even recall what was the last thing you disputed with someone about?  They are petty, loud, and unnecessary most of the time.  It's one thing having a friendly debate over issues related to things like: politics, family, work, food and places, but all out yelling and threats to hit someone because they disagree?  What!?

When bad relationships have arrived to the point of no return is when you frequently disagree about nothing.  Someone or both will need to remove his or herself from the shared atmosphere until the two are able to cool off.  But what if the "cool off" period generates no positive results?  Time to move on!

A healthy cool off period may last an hour, a day, or even the length of a vacation, but usually the couple is back to loving/liking/ each other.  They are attentive, caring, and try very hard to avoid another major disagreement.  But those who have a cool off period and still feel hatred toward one another are just setting themselves up for a life of losses--from loss of job to loss of freedom!  No person is worth giving up your ability to care for yourself!  Couples have lost their good name, homes, cars, and more due to senseless arguments.  Some never seem to get ahead because of a partner in his or her ear keeping up trouble.

Nicholl McGuire 

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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