Abuse Might Go Into Hiding for the Holidays

Family and friends most likely will be wanting to see loved ones around the holidays.  Abusers will be sure to talk with victims on what is to be said and not said at a holiday event to relatives and whether or not they will even be permitted to leave the house. 

For some mean-spirited men and women they will look for plenty of reasons for their spouses and partners not to see or talk to kinfolk like picking a fight prior to attending a family celebration.  Since this is impossible with some victims to avoid family, they will attempt to put on a good act and so too will their abusive partners. 

Families must be discerning and pay close attention to abusive behaviors and address issues.  However, take care that the victim and possibly children are safe before confronting an abuser.  Keep in mind a victim will most likely want to return home with his or her partner after a holiday event and depending on how things goes with the family will determine whether or not the abuser harms his or her mate behind closed doors. 

Remember the holidays aren't cheerful and heart-warming for all.  They can be quite stressful!  So if a victim doesn't want to attend a family event, be understanding, not pushy.  A victim suffers enough emotional trauma and physical pain prior to, during or after a major holiday.  Mix alcohol or drugs into a heated discussion and you never know what personality will show up and show out with an abusive man or woman.

Nicholl McGuire

Victims pray and read Psalm 91.  Stay sober!

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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