Leading Up to the Major Fall Out -- One Day Paramedics, Police Will Be Called

Behind the Scenes of Many Dysfunctional Relationships

They usually don't start that way, but then again, maybe.  Too blind to lust 
they don't see the light.

He didn't like the way she talked to him (even when he was in the wrong about things he did or didn't do.)

Pouting, silence, cursing, talking about her negatively behind her back.  "B-tches!  All the same."

She knew his thoughts just by the way he acted around her so she did the same.

This time she was at fault.  "Two wrongs don't make it right."

Complaints about the little things that grow into bigger things from debt to children. "You always want to do something with your family!  Who is that on your phone? What are you looking at on the computer?  You are such a liar!  Why do I put up with this sh-t!"

Children witness the arguments, they cry.  Couple yelling.  Children say, "I wish they would stop."

He lied about something again and so she caught him again.

Personal issues, women have them--young and old.  Checked or unchecked illnesses.  Miscarriages, abortions... But she didn't expect him to understand.  Relationship roller coaster.

Older now.  He has his health woes.  Aging and all that comes with it.  STDs, curiosity killed the cat.  He ain't 20.  In denial.

Ineffective family and friends all around.  They eat, drink and be merry around the holidays.  They listen to the couple's whispers, attitudes...complaints and then carry personal information collected to discuss with others, formulate opinions...badmouth.

Family. No interest in providing nothing more than lip service for the dysfunctional pair.  They say, "Should have never been together in the first place, oh well they reap what they have sown. Oh the poor kids to those two fools!"

Church visits.  And what were they supposed to do again?  Well-behaved at least in public.
"We'll pray for you."

Relationship counseling, he said, "No."  She said, "Yes."

Nothing seems to be working.

Life goes on...miserable.  But it goes on and on and on until one day...

The hate reaches its apex.

Someone yells, "Help!"

"She did this to me..."

"I can't believe him!"

The children scream.

Pain, oh so much pain! The kind that paramedics and police can't do anything about.

Family, "What?  No!  They had their problems...but we didn't know things were that bad."  Sure, play dumb for investigators.

Police arrive.

Paramedics rush into the house.

"Oh my God!"


Domestic violence counselors.

Back in court.

Lawyers can't afford them, represented by a public defender.

No money.

No bail out.

Wait your time.

Does this describe your future?  Get out while you still can!

Nicholl McGuire author of books featured on this site: Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Laboring to Love Myself, and Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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