6 Things to Think About Before Agreeing to Help a Victim of Abuse

When someone approaches you with a story that sounds a lot like he or she is being abused, do consider the following.

1.  No talking about the situation when victims have either shut down, stopped talking, or don't feel ready to share everything.
2.  Be understanding, don't pressure a victim to leave especially when you don't know the details.  Sometimes abusers will pretend like they are victims to get attention or cover up their misdeeds by placing blame on a partner.
3.  Avoid blaming, ridiculing or acting in other negative ways, because you don't like or agree with what the person is telling you.
4.  Search for resources in the victim's area and share them.  Remind him or her it is against the law to be abused and for a child or animal to be abused as well.  Oftentimes abusers are not only hurting their partners, but others as well.
5.  Offer to assist the individual with expenses and other needs if you know you are able to, don't give him or her false hope.
6.  If there are untreated bruises, encourage the person to get medical treatment.

When you are unsure what to do or don't want to get involved, the very least you can do is refer the person to a local support group or counselor who is familiar with domestic abuse or dating violence.

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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