In a Difficult Relationship? Sharing Your Blues with Family? Can They Really Help?

Problems on top of problems is what I thought prior to writing this.  Some will add more drama to their personal lives without solving the problems that already exist.  Running from the problem at home is not going to make matters better.  Sure, for a few hours at the dinner table you drink and eat then spend some time watching TV and happy children playing, or you quietly whisper about a partner in the next room to a relative, but do you really plan on doing anything?

A victim must be very selective when it comes to who he or she confides in.  The family gossip isn't going to help matters, an elderly person who is ill-equipped to handle stress isn't the least bit interested in being a good listener, and a parent or sibling who is worn out with story-telling isn't coming to your rescue if they too are in dysfunctional relationships.  Everyone just wants to have a good time.  The problem with that is people like this are unreliable.

Sometimes hanging out with relatives helps ease tension for awhile, but depending on how they really feel about a relative and his or her partner the connection might make matters worse.

Plan your exit strategy not another dinner party or family visit.  Plan ways to save money not spend it on things like: vacations, more toys for the children, and stocking up on more items than you need.  Make the kind of decisions that will improve your self and in time you will experience true freedom!

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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