After the Argument: 10 Things You Can Do

You felt like you lost the battle.  You didn't feel heard, weren't respected, and there was no solution and/or agreement provided, now what?  Well, you can't force someone to go along with you if he or she is not open to receiving what you say no matter how valuable you think your insight might be in helping matters.  So what now?

1.  Find out what you can do to provide peace of mind for you.  Ask yourself, "How can I best manage the situation/problem on my end?'

2.  Be prepared for any backlash, because you took matters into your own hands. Have a list of reasons ready, proof, and anything else you need if your partner should confront you later. (Note: if you fear he or she will abuse you, contact police station.  An officer can show up to your residence without it being an emergency just state what your concerns are when you call).

3.  Know yourself and how long and how much you are willing to deal with when it comes to a difficult partner.

4.  Manage your time better and learn to do things without him or her i.e.) holiday events.

5.  Plan your life and do what makes you happy i.e.) relocation, counseling, new job, car, etc.

6.  Continue to treat your partner with respect, but draw the line when things get out of hand again. Say things like, "I will not stand here and let you insult me.  I will listen to you, but I will stop and walk away if I feel threatened, nervous or fearful.  If you don't take a moment to hear what I have to say, you leave me with no choice but to end this discussion.  We can talk again after dinner or tomorrow after breakfast."

7.  Write a letter to yourself expressing how you truly feel and what you want in the future.

8.  Prepare a letter to give to your partner if you feel you both just can't talk openly about things.

9.  Spend some time away from him or her.

10.  Send children to relatives or elsewhere so that you both can handle pending tasks, converse, plan for the future, etc.

If you are planning to break up, your safety is top priority, so be sure you don't attempt to end a relationship with someone violent when no one is around.  Go to a public location and do not go back home with him or her after you share the news.  Plan to remove all important things from home prior to your announcement.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.  Say a prayer for this author and others on this site.  Delivering enlightening messages to help free others, at times puts messengers at risk spiritually and physically.  God bless.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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