Drinking Too Much Excuses, Lying, Cheating - Abuse is Abuse - No Denying, Justifying

How many times does one excuse unacceptable behaviors before realizing that he or she is living a lie?  Persuading his or herself into thinking, "No he didn't just do that...My kid is just exaggerating...No, it really wasn't that bad...Things will be okay.  She really means well."  Really?

Let's go over last night, the night before, or maybe a month ago.  What happened?  What did your partner say and what did you do about an abusive episode, a screaming match, cheating, drinking, etc.?  How do you now feel since "it" occurred?  Have you talked about anything and come to any solution as of yet?  Should you and/or children even be around this person?

Cast aside your partner's explanation for whatever that bad something was, religious or secret group views, what parents and others say, what is the truth that you know?  Deep within you know something isn't or wasn't right, so why act as if all is okay and you and/or children will just get over it?

The mental sickness is spreading like wildfire when we sit back and reason away nasty, sinful, ugly, downright mean-spirited things.  You are headed toward a dangerous place in your mind and are recruiting future victims when you explain away or ignore ugly things.  Consider how many men and women are in jail on assault charges, others sentenced to life for murders committed, and the list goes on because someone kept allowing things to go on until one day there was no more denying evil.

People drink, do drugs, and act wild while sending their minds to places they thought they could never go.  They lie, cheat, use and abuse even when they aren't getting high.  They pretend as if everything is alright in the dark places of their minds, when they know they aren't mentally stable, yet family members and exes are supposedly the crazy ones!?  Unfortunate people connect with these delusional folks and end up taking their abuse.

Abuse is abuse and there is no denying and justifying despicable events whether in the past or presently ongoing.  Many guilt-ridden people are in churches across our land following a day, week or month long of craziness hoping to escape a righteous God's judgments, but to no avail, one reaps what he or she has sown. 

There is a harvest awaiting the believers who honestly want to live right and teach children well.  If you are one, then continue to fast and pray, your freedom will be here before you know it, embrace it!  But for others, use common sense, if it's wrong it's wrong, listen to truth, don't deny it!

Nicholl McGuire shares thought-provoking spiritual wisdom here.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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