Halloween Hate - Did You Feel Much Trial During the Month of October?

When many people raise hell for more money, power, fame, curses on enemies, etc. the negative energy comes by like a wind, causing much trouble in relationships and elsewhere.  Take a moment of silence for those who were sacrificed in October due to occult holiday celebrations.  Now take the time to think about yourself, how much sacrificing have you done already with time, money, and more just to make an emotionally and/or physically abusive partner happy?

Running around like a chicken with its head cut off, a woman or man who just wants to live a dream in an unhappy relationship will keep pressing forward anyway all the while creating more debt, responsibility (like pregnancy), making more investments, and carrying the whole family down a dark, destructive path.  Too stubborn, prideful, and angry within to admit, "I was wrong.  This partner wasn't what I had in mind.  I apologize Lord for not listening..." The poor woman or man keeps making more work for his or herself.  Churning one idea after the next to save a broken relationship.  Destiny is going to happen whether you like it or not i.e.) cheating, lying, fighting, police visits, choking, slapping, biting, name-calling, unemployment, bitter and rebellious offspring who repeat the patterns, separation, divorce, etc.  Pray all you want, but when wrong is wrong, it just is!

People who see the foolishness stop assisting controllers and victims who think they know, when they really don't.  Parents and grandparents stop being as generous and kind to the family.  Friends know not to come around two arguing fools.  Further, pets stare out doors and windows wishing to be anywhere but in the home.  The tension in the air is so thick, it cuts like a knife!  Children anticipate a future of peace and quiet even though they will have their share of demons they will have to contend with--thanks to verbally (or not-so verbally) emotionally and/or physically violent parents.

Victims mask the pain with a little holiday celebrating while the hate goes into darkness waiting for the next opportunity to show up.  "How about we do this with the children?  What about that?"  Far too many Christians turn away from God and look to idol worship to escape the pain within.  If they aren't worshipping mates, they are holiday celebrating hoping for someone or something to make them feel good in their labor intensive relationships.  Not only does a believer have a problem with his or her partner, but also with the God he or she serves. This due to the fact that the Creator has no fellowship with darkness and doesn't expect his children to support things having to do with darkness--no matter what spin one chooses to put on them.

Laboring to love an abuser is a problem, because once again there are warnings all around us, "Don't get involved with angry men and women."  But does the one who sold his or her soul to an unequally yoked union (and to Satan too), listen?

For the Christian the consequences are tough, but if you aren't one, then consider the negative vibe you are encouraging when you play with things that are still religious (you know Satanists have their holidays and Halloween is one of them), what might you be inviting to your home, one who doesn't believe in any God or gods? 

Between the ugliness with two people, who don't like one another much and all the children's glee surrounding them, at some point something is going to blow again and a conception, sacrifice, piece of candy, or smiles on children's faces won't prevent whatever "it" is from happening again.  Do something about relationship issues before something you might later regret happens. 

R.I.P. to the babies who were aborted this day and everyday. 

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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