Sibling Abuse - Physical Violence Started with Some When a Sibiling Abused Them

Doctors, teachers, support groups, and others tend to focus on parents' impact on a child growing up who one day becomes an adult who is abusive.  Unfortunately, there are many adults who had brothers and sisters who were verbally and physically abusive to them for years.  From constant teasing to sexual abuse (when parents were in the next room or away), the poor child who was too fearful to tell while somehow reasoning it was okay, grows up with a variety of emotional issues.

Most of us know it is sick to hurt a brother or sister who is screaming at the top of his or her lungs, "Stop! Stop!" or is saying nothing at all, but appears sad or miserable about what is happening.  Yet, despicable acts go on.  Some children are disciplined by parents and yet brother or sister continue to come around with yet another nasty thing to say or do to a sibling when backs are turned.  For some children, mom and dad isn't helpful.  Think of those long summer and winter breaks where children were often left in rooms to play together or at home with no parental supervision.  Another child is raped by big brother, another daughter is shown a game that has left her sick to her stomach or in pain while parents have no clue.

Many people who have been in abusive relationships or are still laboring to love someone who is abusive have a story to tell about a sibling, cousin, friend, etc.  They recall times when they wished that a child would have stopped.  The victims often carry confusing emotions into relationships and tend to be over-protective of their own children as a result of what they endured in the past, but at the same time permit a partner to physically and/or emotionally abuse them!?

There comes a point in any family that is having constant problems to stop running here and there (covering up issues), slow down with all the late work hours, turn off the TV and the Internet, put down the cell phone and drop in on children playing alone, as well as find alternatives when it comes to leaving small children alone at home, and more.  Most of all, seek out help for those past, unresolved issues that keep one emotionally and physically bound to an abusive partner who may have abused his or her siblings.

Nicholl McGuire

For more information about sibling abuse, signs and tips, see here.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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