What Does a Secure and Stable-Minded Woman Looks Like?

The victim of verbal and physical abuse will need to be reminded of what a secure and stable-minded woman in a healthy relationship looks like.  She should envision herself the way she was before the verbal insults and violent attacks took place from an abusive partner.  What was she like back then?

A woman content with who she is and free of worry about things like: cheating, beatings, lying, and more from a mentally disturbed lover, is a focused individual.  The emotionally stable woman doesn't exhibit many of the following character traits found in her abused sisters such as: nervousness, forgetfulness, frequent mood swings, constant worry, isolation, substance abuse, and an explosive temperament. 

When others more beautiful and talented than herself walk into a room, the secure woman with her partner on her side doesn't become immediately downtrodden and worried that her mate is going to try to get a phone number or two.  Two people who sincerely love one another and are considerate of each other's feelings avoid drama, they don't create it.  But couples in emotionally challenging relationships, whether one or both are the cause of much strife, often have something going on that make most family and friends stay away.

The woman who has a life outside of her intimate relationship is balanced.  She is able to do the things that make her happy, lovable, and friendly.  But if she were to have a relationship where she had to fight her partner on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, her personal struggles would show up in ways that would turn those around her off.  If she isn't disputing with relatives and friends, she is pretending that she is just as content as everyone else through braggadocios statements and offending comments.

All women might want to check-in with their emotions, mannerisms and the way they behave with or without a partner.

1.  Are you often happy when in his presence?
2.  Do you feel that you are able to get your goals/dreams accomplished with little, if any, objection from him?
3.  Is your God showing you miracles, signs and wonders to assist you spiritually?  Have you bothered to ask Him?
4.  Do family and friends comment negatively about your personality?  Do they say you have changed, not for the better but for the worse, since being with your current partner?
5.  Are you often making errors at work, tardy, or easily irritated?  Does this tend to happen more so after hearing from your mate?
6.  Do you often wish to be anywhere, but with him?
7.  Do you find yourself envious of others because your relationship isn't going so well?  Do you find yourself lying, covering up, or exaggerating things related to your mate?

When you come to a realization that something just isn't right with yourself and/or mate, create a plan that will help you live your best life sooner, rather than later.

Nicholl McGuire creates spiritually uplifting videos on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.     

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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