Does He Really Love You?

He is attractive, nice to others, has a good job, dresses neat, and smells good.  However, there is something not quite right with him.  He seems easily irritated, jealous when others come around, and can be a bit annoying.  Sometimes he acts like he is very much into you and other times not so much.  You have a few stories of feeling nervous even scared, but you tell no one.  "They won't understand," you reason.  But isn't the real reason why you don't say anything about how he makes you feel, because you worry they will say, "Don't be stupid, get rid of him!  You can do better!"

Welcome to a very real experience of many young women who know that something is wrong with a guy, but because of any number of reasons, they convince themselves that they will be "alright" while comparing their experiences with others, rather than focus on how they personally feel in their relationship.

Some women just don't let men go that intimidate them even when they know they should!  There is something familiar about these men who shake their nerves up.  These men remind them of someone or many people.  Whether a mate is like a controlling dad, a player type uncle, or an overprotective brother, the mind says, "He's okay.  Don't worry.  He's like a relative." 

Too often women trick themselves into believing that an emotional or physical abuser "cares, loves me, wants what is best for me..."  That's what they think.  But what the abuser really wants is a companion he can periodically get things from until he gets weary of her.  From sex to driving her car, whatever an abuser can take, he will.  A woman knows when she is being used and abused when the thing she values the most she attempts to hold on to ie.) her soul and he tries to take that too! 

Protect your mind, body and spirit.  Check in with yourself, "What has he done for me lately?  Does he really value me or is he just using me?"  Take whatever you have been giving up away and see how he reacts.  Does he really love you? 

Nicholl McGuire  

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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