When The Wounds of Abuse Don't Go Away

Permanent scars, they are evident on the faces, arms, backs and legs of many women and men who have been abused by intimate partners.  Creams, lotions, and other health and beauty items can't take away the unsightly markings on bodies or scars on one's heart.  Not everything is fixable.

Looking at the face of a forty-something woman, the scar tissue was beyond repair around her puffy eyes after being repeatedly left with black and blue markings on them on and off for well over a decade.  Another woman who had also been badly wounded over the years by her abuser had markings on her body that never went away.  A man who had been fighting with all his lovers in the past, presently lives with old scratches that never healed from the top of his hands after women clawed him over and over again from his attempts to choke them out.  Yesterdays war wounds are reminders of lost tempers.

The longer one stays in an abusive relationship, the more he or she finds self in a battle with a wound that doesn't go away easily if not at all.  Victims lie about where they got their markings from while abusers either go along with the fibs or quietly sit in silence faking ignorance as family and friends look on.

A once beautiful and vibrant man or woman ages much with each argument and/or physical fight with an angry partner.  There is a look in a victim's eyes along with old bruises that tell us, it ain't over.


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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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