It's a New Year, New Changes But Maybe Not - Victim, Abuser Fights Go On

You hope, wish and pray for a better year now that the number on the calendar has changed, but those of us who have been in abusive relationships know better.  Things don't change just because a year has changed.  If anything, a toxic connection only worsens.  The words become more vicious, the trials more difficult, and the emotional and physical bondage only tightens as the years of abuse increase in number! 

It must be nice talking one's self into believing a relationship is getting better, but the truth is the abuser's temperament is simply put on ice for now...cooled off due to the holiday glee until the next issue comes up. 

Victims and abusers make a lot of promises.  They sugar-coat their difficult relationship with trips, treats, and deceit.  Deep inside the couples know they are not going to change.  The angry man or woman will be doing more of the same in the new year and the victim will continue to go along just to get along until she or he grows weary of the arguments, cheating, controlling behaviors, lying, hiding money, shaming, isolation, etc.

A moment of good fun, drinking, and a great atmosphere doesn't change the brokenness within.  The calendar days are marked off and so the drama continues.


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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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