No Amount of Love Will Change Your Partner

Praying, wishing, hoping, loving, and wanting your partner to change, you believe that love is the cure all.  You believe that if you just do everything right that the relationship experts say, your mother tells you, and of course the abuser, that all will be okay.

How much more money do you have to spend to buy peace in your household?
How often do you have to sexually please him/her?
What entertainment do you have to provide?
Where do you have to go and what do you have to do to ensure the abuser doesn't blow up on you?

The extent that a victim will go just to appease an emotionally or physically abusive partner would leave outsiders speechless.

No matter what you do for someone who has many unresolved past issues will never be good enough.  It doesn't take much to awaken the demon within.  Love won't keep the abusive man or woman from cursing, acting threatening, or even hitting you, the pet, or doing something else to get his or her aggression out.

How many more signs does a victim need to leave an abusive mate?

It's getting harder and harder to love isn't it?  More and more difficult to forgive and forget, right?

Well that is a good sign, my friend.  You are on your way to freedom!


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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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