Things People and Companies Have Done to Help Abused Women

Some women who were determined to leave their abusive partners did so with the help of moving companies.  Others were helped in ways you may have never thought of!  So if you are not in an abusive relationship and may be in business or affiliated with a civic group, consider giving some time, money or service to those who want to move on with their lives.

For victims, check with companies in your local area who may help or ask a social worker or domestic violence counselor to assist with whatever your needs might be.  You never know who might be willing to help you, so put aside pride and secrets and step out on faith!

The following is a list of businesses whose good deeds helped so many as well as ideas.  Be sure to check the location before contacting these companies or any others.  Also ask for referrals if they are no longer offering their services.

1.  Meathead Movers assisted women by helping them move.

2.  “A Pele da Flor” (The Skin of the Flower) is about giving hurt women tattoos free of charge.

3.  Heartwarming story of a woman and a dog who had something in common, domestic abuse.

4.  The Blackdot Campaign using a black dot to signal help.

5.  Crisis Center North in Pittsburgh - dog providing therapy for women in domestic violence center.

6.  Woman Shares Video to Help Others Via Facebook

7.  Temporary tattoos used to spread the word about dating violence.

8.  That's Not Cool Campaign for teens.

9.  Mary Kay helped mid-schoolers define what is a healthy relationship.

10.  Transportation Issues for Domestic Violence Programs the contents are worth reading.

Search for "companies that help with..." include what your need might be and "domestic violence" or "dating violence" you will find much information.  For more recent information, include the current year.

Check out this article if you know someone via the Internet who is being abused. See here.

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