When You are Tired of Fighting Relationship Battles Alone

Some men and women in emotionally and physically challenging relationships fail to use spiritual insight to free them from their troubles.  They assume that the battles they are dealing with are all emotional and physical.  However, oftentimes what they are contending with in a partner are spiritual issues.  The kind that the most intelligent minds in this world can't even grasp, let alone explain. 

If one would take the time to acknowledge a Creator, he or she just might find peace in his or her life storms.  Now simply praying is not good enough, but one must be willing to give up something to get something.  You want peace, give up the foolishness.  You want love, give up the hate.  You get the point.

Notice God's only Son gave his life so that the world might be saved, but what does that mean to someone who could care less about spiritual battles?  Nothing.  It is because of this nonchalant and flippant way of dealing with issues is why there is no reverence for God in many relationships and if anything, the disrespectful one might even blame God for his or her misfortune.

Those of us, who have been in good and bad relationships, know that there comes a point in any partnership where you have to make some tough decisions in an effort to save what little sanity you have left.  If you know the issues are spiritual that you are dealing with, it would make sense to get strong spiritually yourself so that you are better able to deal with the partner who is causing you much grief.  Some things simply can't be answered with counseling, a prayer, a nice gift, and some sex.  We live in a demonic driven world with many trappings.  Spiritual issues can't be fought with drugs, alcohol, and flawed people, they must be dealt with on a supernatural level.

I challenge anyone reading this to visit a local Holy Bible-believing and Holy Ghost filled church the next time it opens. (Pray before you get there or go with someone you know).  Bring with you a prayer list, a donation, a bible, notepad, and a pen and be ready to listen.  I guarantee you, you will come away with something that will help you get through this tough time in your life.  Taking the prayer list  along with you at the next service will help you get some things off your chest and put them in the hands of your Creator since he tells believers to cast their burdens on him.  The donation will assist with the obvious--churches have bills too and it also acts as a seed, so tell God what you want/need.  The notepad and pen will help you keep up with what you have learned and if you need to go back and refer to some important points you will have them. 

By doing the previously mentioned things, you are on your way to dealing with spiritual issues on a supernatural level.  The world isn't going to encourage you to do such things since many people are disgruntled with God for any number of reasons, but that's their issues not yours!  Be encouraged and press forward!  Many of you visiting this blog are in spiritual warfare and don't even know it!  Read more about that around the web. 

You want change in your personal life, don't you?  Take advantage of the opportunities to pray with believers and ask them to keep you in prayer.  If you are sincerely tired of battling your relationship issues in your own strength, then do some things differently.  But whatever you do, don't just sit and wallow in your relationship mess!

Nicholl McGuire, listen to thought-provoking spiritual audio/video on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7. 

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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