Crazy Lovers: Stalkers, Liars, Mental Cases

You made that mistake maybe once, twice, or more getting involved with someone who just can't seem to leave you alone.   For some of you reading this, you hide every morning from a mental case.  Others have to change phone numbers like underwear, just to keep this person from sabotaging your mental state of being.

If you haven't contacted the authorities you should, but if you are dealing with a mental case who is an authority, you might have to change your name, leave the country, and do other radical things for peace of mind and safety.  Unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn't always protect and serve as some of you know already. 

When dealing with those who "can't live without you...need you...think of you all the time..." be sure that the security team at the places you frequent have a photo of the person who is stalking you, making up stories, etc.  Also, be sure your family knows about this person too.  The last thing you want is to show up missing one day.  Be prepared for people to ask, "Well what did you do to cause...?"  As much as this question hurts, it isn't necessary to answer or give information in detail especially when you know you haven't done anything besides distance yourself from your crazed fan.

It is very easy for us to think of celebrities as having fanatics following them around wherever they go, but many of you might be like a star online or offline in the eyes of someone who can't get over that time when you complimented him or her, had sex, did something nice, etc.  Safe guard your data both on and offline.  Block this person from your social sites.  Save all correspondence from this person and voicemails.

You may also want to note your daily activities in a journal and also keep record of times and dates you see this person near you or in the area.  Be sure that those closest to you such as a boss, parent, friend, etc. can also identify this person as well.  Sometimes stalkers may not be able to catch up to their intended victims so they will start following the person who is closest to them.

When dealing with those, who tell false stories about you whether online or offline, report your concern to those who own businesses and request that information be removed.  Seek professional counsel on what more you might have to do to clear your name and restore your reputation.

Here are more suggestions on what you might want to do when dealing with the mentally challenged:

1.  Vary the time you leave and come home.  Be sure your community/property is well-lit.

2.  Purchase necessary security for your home.

3.  Don't ever follow after the stalker, because you don't know if this person is leading you into a trap.  Rather, contact someone or call law enforcement to assist.

4.  Avoid the temptation to meet with the person alone no matter what he or she promises.

5.  Don't pay this person off, because he or she will only come back to you requesting more money, gifts, etc.  If you should ever have a court case involving the stalker, your actions will be used against you.

6.  Record phone calls and if you see him or her in your area, visibly video this person.  Most will stop following you around when they know you are recording them.

7.  Take down license plate numbers.

8.  Have the person's phone number, email info. and whatever other device they are contacting you from blocked when possible.

9.  Don't provide details of your whereabouts, entertain discussions or do anything that could be misconstrued later with this person.

10.  Leave your family and friends out of confrontation.  Unless you want a possible civil war, keep the hot-heads at home.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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