Weekends Bring Drama in Miserable Relationships

In a turbulent relationship weekends aren't anything to look forward to for victims. "Happy Friday!" one might tell a hurting co-worker. It isn't really all that happy, one must go home. All a happy wish means to the one in an abusive relationship is the individual must do his or her best not to say or do anything that might upset a partner over the weekend.  Since many hours are spent at home on weekends supposedly relaxing from a long work week, it isn't always like this for those partnered with abusive people.  More hours together, just mean more chances for drama between two highly sensitive people.

Each moment that passes, he or she is walking softly, hoping and praying a partner doesn't take whatever is on his or her mind and beat the victim with it. Easier said and done being respectful, kind, loving, etc. When in a relationship with someone with a mental illness, going through a challenging time, or often influenced by toxic relatives or friends, you never know who or what might come out of a partner. The eyes go from peaceful to hateful in an instant. A soft voice becomes increasingly loud. The dog knows to hide. Children remain in rooms quiet. Here we go again... If you or someone you know lives like this, say a prayer.

Ask your heavenly Father to intervene this weekend. Allow his angels to come down and work on you and your family's behalf. All the while, start thinking of a plan of escape if you are a victim. The kind of exit strategy that will provide you with peace, better opportunity, safety, and most of all FREEDOM! Reach out to a supportive network at the church, hospital, school or online.

This day my heart goes out to those who never made it to the door to get out of abusive relationships as well as their families who miss the victims so much! May the deceased rest in peace and may their families find the strength to go on.

Nicholl McGuire, check out a channel that brings awareness to many emotionally and physically binding people and situations as well as provides tips on beginning the journey toward spiritual connectedness to the one true God. YouTube NM Enterprise7

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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