She's Crazy by Nicholl McGuire - excerpt observation on abusive women, abused men

I met some seemingly sweet, knockout gorgeous women, but they were dangerous--if only their boyfriends knew how they truly felt about men, I would sometimes think. But time reveals truth and those men would find those ladies out during explosive disputes. I didn't have any intimate relationships with those women. A few were single lesbians and a bi-sexual woman. I had been a supporter of various feminist movements as well as other heterosexuals that I knew. Yet, some of the radical feminists' foolish and bias thinking about men rubbed off on me during my youth and I almost went to jail listening to some of their talk about what they "wouldn't take off a man" and how they "would hurt a man about this or that if they ever..." I had no clue just how mean these women were. Why were they so angry with men? What happened during their childhoods? Why weren't they able to maintain decent relationships with men? I knew some of the guys these ladies befriended. The women always claimed the men were at fault, but never them.  

Over the years, some good and bad guys, who quite frankly didn't want to put their business out in the street, shared their abusive experiences with me privately and others openly on a variety of online pages where my work has appeared. Some of these abused men were driven into dark mindsets concerning wicked women having put up with them for so long. Good became evil and evil became good in their eyes. They defended their abusers, but also talked badly about them. They wanted to leave their lovers, but yet they stayed. They believed they were loved, but often hated by their crazed women. Meanwhile abusers, who had been hurt by their men long ago and some to date, reached a point in their minds where all they could think of was the following: where their men would go when they weren't around, who were they seeing, when would they be back home, what they planned on doing with their own money, whether they would be helping them out with their household tasks, and more. Some of these abusive women acted more like pimps then wives and girlfriends!

I noticed how a number of women grew obsessed with their men and treated them more like gods than mere mortals, but didn't mind hurting them if they crossed them. Like controlling, abusive men, these controlling, abused women didn't let partners go anywhere but to work without them. I also met lots of decent guys online and off who didn't do too much but love and care for their wives and girlfriends, but admitted that sometimes they acted a bit lazy, didn't always communicate well to partners, and had their share of personal issues. But for the most part, these depressed men felt they didn't do anything so bad that their angry women should feel the need to kick, slap, bite, claw, curse them out, or do other things to them like ruin credit or create false police reports. I agreed. --

Nicholl McGuire
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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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