Don't Let a Controlling Person Cause You to Lose Your Mind

Why does the violent man sit with a strange look on his face when out of the clear blue his girlfriend, gets the courage to scream, curse and throw things at him?  Has the abusive man ever bothered to think that his evil ways have begun to take their toil on his victim?

From cheating to spying, whatever an abusive partner does that often makes his or her victim's stomach churn, heart race, or temper rise, sooner or later something is going to happen that is going to make someone go, "What the @#$% just happened?"

How long does a physically or emotionally abusive person thinks he or she can keep ignoring a lover/partner, curse, lie, cheat, or act in other ways that baffle a victim before he or she explodes?

A person who systematically drives someone crazy with the hope that he or she will self-harm or hurt others in an effort to rid him or her from one's life is a diabolical plan that often backfires.  Think of the many men and women who wanted out of marriages so they came up with ways to slowly drive their partners' mad.  In some cases, the abused victims figured out what was happening and reversed the curse so to speak.

Don't assume that someone who has reached out to you (or maybe it could be you) is crazy.  It is very easy to use an adjective to describe someone while never bothering to think about who or what is driving the poor soul bonkers?  Sometimes the victim is delusional, thinking that everyone else (outside the home) is making him or her go crazy, rather than looking at the one he or she is having sex with.  Intimacy, smooth talking, and gifts are often used to deceive many women and men who are in relationships with controlling individuals.  One must wake up and realize where the source of heartache, headache, and crazy is really coming from and do something about it!

If you are the victim of a mad man or woman's strategic plan to drive you mad, out of the house or away from your children, begin to build up a support system who is willing to assist you with the following areas of your life: spirituality, legalities (you just might have to sue this person), business (he or she could be affecting your work), household, and family.  Don't delay, get out while your mind is still intact!

Nicholl McGuire   

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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