5 Things a Daddy Should Have Told His Daughter About Boyfriends

1. They won't all love you just because you do and say nice things.

2. They won't respect you if you should dress too sexy, act too boldly, or run with the wrong company of people.

3.  They don't much care what your family thinks and will work hard to get you to focus solely on what they think.

4.  They become jealous when you smile, converse long, and act polite toward other men.

5.  There are those who will act like me.  So if you don't like me much, then make a better selection.

A little advice goes a long way, but when dads are too busy doing everything else, but being good fathers, oftentimes daughters don't truly know the difference between a man who sincerely loves and appreciates them and one who is simply using and abusing them.  Therefore, if the first man in a little girl's life was mean-spirited and (emotionally and/or physically) abusive toward her mother, then what do you expect she is going to do until she grows up and gets wise?  Be drawn to what is familiar to her.  If you are a father reading this, talk openly and honestly with your young daughter in the most loving, non-strict way you can.  God bless. 

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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