Does Loving Someone Have to Be So Much Hard Work?

You may be in a relationship with someone who just takes work to make happy. He or she acts as if they love you, but do they really? Aside from what we know is just not characteristic of a good relationship (such as hitting, choking, kicking, etc.,) why do we work so hard to make people love us when they obviously don't?

You may have tried to uplift his or her spirits with a story or two, and he or she just looked the other way and continued to busy his or her self. You may have tried to buy him or her a gift hoping to put a smile on this ungrateful person's face. No matter what you do in his or her eyes, you are not good enough. This kind of behavior (without the physical beatings) can be emotionally draining.

When will good enough, be good enough? How many times must you initiate a conversation, love-making, a place to go, or suggest an idea to make your partner's life better? Are there no other people on the planet that will appreciate you? Of course, there are, but the problem is your emotions and physical body is with your partner. It isn't until you allow yourself to emotionally become distant a little each day that the rest of the body will follow.

Some of us are fearful to break up with "comfort," notice I didn't say the person. Because the relationship we are having is with what we are use to not necessarily the person. He or she may have provided for us, made us feel good sometimes, and done other things, but he or she doesn't complete us--being comfortable does. We all know that to start over again costs time and money. One must weigh his or her options, is it better to live with or without this person emotionally and physically?

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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