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Survey outcomes give valuable information regarding the reasons and infidelity deeds of men. Surprisingly, the springiness that men appear to have towards their ego, even tough not meaning to cheat, they consider discrepancy as something that must be at all times avoided. History reveals us that mankind has since long ago tolerated a certain level of polygamy and besides religion norms, financial status is the only impediment.

Polygamy practices in ancient times The statement sustaining that men are rational and capable of reflection towards their actions is disputable, but the more advanced mankind is, the more elaborate from sexual characteristics point of view is going to be. By observing males behavior within species, it has been proved that they consider procreation as a priority, after first place being occupied by food supply.

Therefore, looking from a development perspective, the charge brought to men as moral fibre lack is not fully based, because anthropological studies revealed that in the past human societies have tolerated polygamous marriages up to 85%.

Furthermore, the main ground why men are cheating is clearly due to sex starvation and the necessity to find new sources and ways of satisfaction. The impossibility to master these inner wants is sustained by other two reasons that are said to be among infidelity causes and men past habits of cheating; a habit regarding the disappointment suffered and lack of sex appeal; the disappearance of novelty produced between whiles.

There are also other foolish and childish reasons that determine men to cheat their wives as for example, due to continuous nagging, some cheat to take revenge on the nagging spouse and to feed his ego. But this interpretation and solution are both wrong, and unfortunately, it usually leads to constant cheating.

The periods when Men Might Cheat Research show that during the life of relationships there are four intervals containing the necessary ingredients for infidelity to thrive. After experiencing the first year of marriage, an emotional downward sloping curve is noticed due to the disappearance of marriage novelty feeling. The first born period has a considerable impact on the relationship dynamics due to the attention focused on the little one, thus the husband sometimes considers infidelity as a mean of satisfaction. After approximately seven years of marriage, the couple has carried out the goals established earlier and the husband find himself yearning for those old and almost forgotten experiences and thus, tries to find them in order to invigorate him.

Finally, during the middle age they both have spent a lot of time together and they begin to question their commitment. This period is often seen as the second infancy stage for the men, and he might get involved in inappropriate or selfish activities. As human beings have good and bag days, so do relationships pass in time through less resistant periods when infidelity can arise.

Plus, it has been proved that sexual behavior is influenced by age and as men grow older, their sexual appetite decreases as well as extra-marital intercourse, and sexual abstinence is ought to increase.

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