Another Season of Drunkeness, Drug Use - More Issues

They never learn or you might be the one who is tempted into drinking or smoking yet again.  Far too many people don't realize they can avoid many relationship issues if they would simply stop partying.  But many of these couples met during times when inhibitions had been lowered by substance abuse.  The difficulty of letting go of destructive behaviors that damage their relationships is constant.

"I know I shouldn't but I can't help it...I really wish I could stop drinking...I don't like what has become of our relationship, but...He only hits me when he is drunk...She is cool as long as she doesn't use drugs..."

Holidays for some couples are not happy, peaceful, or good times, because they don't want to admit that the substances that they drink, snort, inject, or smoke are causing problems for not only them, but children and pets living in their homes and relatives who visit.

If you are guilty of hurting your partner or others while under the influence, admit that you have a problem and reach out to professionals for assistance before it's too late.  Many people will be going to jail today, dying prematurely, losing children, etc. simply because they just don't want to admit that they are wrong and that they should have left dysfunctional relationships a long time ago rather than self-medicate with drugs and alcohol! 

Drinking and drug use provide a temporal escape, but reality shows up again and when you look around, you realize just how bad one's situation really is.  What is it going to take for some to realize a sober mind is always better than one under the influence?  Consider the following that has happened to people who just never bothered to awaken to the fact that their dependence on alcohol and/or drugs ruined their lives.

1.  Premature death.
2.  Financial loss
3.  Divorce
4. Unwanted pregnancy
5. STDs
6. Emotional abuse
7. Physical abuse
8. Reckless driving
9. Murder
10. Suicide
11. Rebellious children
12.  Adultery

and much it worth it?

Nicholl McGuire, blog owner

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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