On Attracting Evil, Violent Men

Some women live for a wild time with a wild boyfriend.  They enjoy rough sex, crazy thrills, weird foods, and fun places to try new things.  But at some point life slows down whether through an unexpected pregnancy, death, lost of freedom, or some other difficult time.  The laughter stops, the pain takes over then one starts wondering, "How did I get here?"

Bruised, bloodied, sick, or sore all over from yet another fight with a man who claims to love her, a young woman says, "Never again will I date another man like this one!"  So off she goes, a free woman with legs still intact and very much capable of living life without a violent lover.  Yet, days, weeks, months, or years later, who comes walking into her life, but another angry, evil man!

Evil and violent men oftentimes don't behave weird, at least in the beginning of the dating process, they tend to cover up all signs with many words and promises while smiling.  They offer their services, like handyman skills, and give money away to women in need, but in time things change if the evil men don't see anything in return.

Many angry men are very similar in the way that they behave.  Let's review the signs:

1.  They become easily irritated especially when a fault is pointed out by a loved one, family member, or friend.

2.  They are good pretenders when they act like they care about an intimate partner's concern or situation.

3.  They use evil stares, a deep voice, or other body language to communicate to a lover in public to "stay in line or else."  For example, if a boyfriend doesn't want his girlfriend talking with other men at a party, he will signal her to chill out.

4.  They will attempt to discredit you with others.  They might talk about how "crazy, strange, rude, dumb..." etc. you are, so as to appear like they are brilliant.

5.  They will threaten or be emotional and physically abusive.

6.  They have little patience for children and animals.

7.  They have a history of being violent, watching violence, or orchestrating a plan for violence.

When you see or hear something that doesn't make you feel right when interacting with someone who is violent, share what you have learned with a trusted friend (one he doesn't know).  Seek professional guidance from a domestic violence counselor.  If you have a faith, use it!  Ask God to give you the strength to let an abusive man go, bind fear, and ask the Almighty for an escape plan.

Nicholl McGuire


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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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