Good Friends: Do You Have Any?

When dealing with a number of trials in your life, it is best to have some good friends or acquaintances that are willing to help.  But how do you know who is friend or foe when you have become accustomed to welcoming bad people in your life?

7 Signs You Have a Good Friend

1.  This person listens and responds to your needs.

Whatever the issue, your friend is listening and only responding when he or she feels it is necessary.  This person doesn't make you feel like you are talking to a wall, are a bad person, or not worth his or her time.

2.  He or she appreciates you by telling you so verbally and physically.

A good friend will show and tell how much he or she appreciates what you do for him or her.  This person will find a way to return favors.

3.  He or she will not allow others to bad mouth or abuse you.

When others attempt to say negative things about you, this person will speak up with positive things to say.  He or she doesn't want to upset you so the individual will try hard not to hurt you with words or unkind deeds.

4.  This person will comfort you in good times and bad.

Your friend doesn't just call or come around when you are in a good mood, but when he or she detects you aren't feeling so well, the friend shows his or her love with a pot of soup or bags of remedies/food/supplies in hand.

5.  The individual will reach out to you even when you push him or her away.

A good friend knows when you are out of your mind with stress, so despite your efforts to keep him or her away, this person will look for ways to stay in your life bringing whatever he or she can to help you get some peace of mind.

6.  This person will share wisdom and correct you on your wrongdoings.

People who sincerely care about you will correct you when you are saying or doing some things to yourself and others that is causing problems.  They do not fear your angry remarks.

7.  He or she loves you even when you feel like you don't deserve to be loved.

No matter what your state of being or what you think of yourself, your good friend will build you up and remind you just how special you are!

If you are so blessed to have someone like this in your life, give your Heavenly Father praise today! 

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.


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