How to Avoid Dating Violence

Do you know the basic steps on how to avoid dating violence? Are you aware of how dating nightmares such as physical and emotional abuse can affect your self-esteem? How do you protect yourself from being on the receiving end of abuse in dating? Dating can be fun but it could make a turn for the worse if you end up with an abusive partner. Here are a few insights on how to avoid dating violence.

The first step on how to avoid dating violence is to avoid guys who drink a lot or those who are into drugs. Alcohol and drugs can affect any person's disposition, making him more irritable and more prone to inflicting harm on other people. In order to avoid dating violence, you have to stay away from men who have a higher tendency of being violent when provoked.

Overly jealous guys are also to be avoided. It's only natural for a guy to be jealous of his girlfriend's attention to other men. However, when the jealousy turns into possessiveness, it can get really dangerous for a girl. Another way on how to avoid dating violence is to stay away from guys who are prone to violent outbursts when you're in the company of your male friends. In fact, if you're the type of girl who has friends of the opposite sex, you might want to lay down the rules with a guy you're dating first and make sure he understands and accepts your friends as well. It wouldn't do to remove your friends from your life just because your guy doesn't approve of them anyway.

Check your guy's mental health. Yes, it might sound absurd but you're better off knowing that you're not going out with some sort of lunatic. Observe how your partner behaves and make sure that you're going out with somebody in the right state of mind. Don't go out alone with a guy until you're absolutely certain that you're comfortable with his company. The most important thing that you need to remember on how to avoid dating violence is to know your date carefully before you hang out with him alone.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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