Emotionally Abused for a Sickness You Can't Help

God permits all sorts of things to happen to us human beings as we age.  Some things we have pills and potions for while others not so much.  There are no cures for many diseases and conditions and yet the human spirit manages to keep on living anyway.  Yet, there are those individuals we don't know aren't so positive about those illnesses we simply can't manage and God has no plans on curing us from.  We are like the Apostle Paul with a thorn in our flesh that keeps us humble.  People who are controlling, dysfunctional, ignorant, or mean-spirited will have a problem with us no matter what we say or do to try to get them to be more understanding.

Abusive people don't respond well to any issue that does the following: inconveniences them, makes them feel uncomfortable, cost money, shames them, or causes them to feel like they are out of control.  They become increasingly angry, impatient, and rude the more the private matter comes up.  As if the burden isn't heavy enough, now the abusive mate is going to act in ways that will make you feel worse, because he or she chooses not to be sympathetic and refuses to no longer assist.

In the beginning of most relationships, angry men and women hide their evil spirits and act very understanding and caring.  However, in time when they see that an issue is here to stay, they begin to show their true colors.  It is then that the relationship heads south, arguments increase, and worse some couples become increasingly emotionally and/or physically abusive toward one another.

When you recognize that a partner lacks compassion and love for you, it is best to become distant.  Establish connections with people who have similar issues.  Look for ways to build up your strength mentally and physically so that you can live a life apart from the abusive person who claims to still love you despite having an evil way of showing it.

Nicholl McGuire

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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