Healing for Survivors of Bad Relationships - Domestic Violence

With so much drama going on in one's family, it isn't any wonder that many people mentally and/or physically crack up!  The yelling, swearing, fighting, and destroying property is just some of the negative reactions that partners of angry men and women have to put up with until they can finally get to that moment in their lives where they say, "I have had enough!"

There is healing for survivors of bad relationships and don't let anyone tell you any different!  It may take months or even years before one can get over some things, but those of us who are so far removed from our past know that there is healing!  

Some of you have been considering going to church, while others are thinking about seeing a counselor, but then there are those who think they can find their way out of their drama on their own!  Best wishes to you!  People who don't have a reliable and adequate network of people, as well as the income, and other things to help them get out of their mess from the start, will only keep an abusive partner around.  Just like it takes a whole village to raise a child, well the longer one stays in a crazy situation, the more people will have to rally around that hurting individual to help him or her sort out their challenges.

Faith plays a big part in why many abused men and women can break free from a cycle of abuse once and for all!  By believing in someone or something smarter, bigger and stronger than they are, the weight that mean-spirited human beings place on others doesn't seem so heavy ( For example, think of Jesus, Paul and David's plights and how they managed through all sorts of life storms.)  But for those who think they can tackle everything, including physically fighting with a man or woman they think they love, they will find out the hard way that laboring to love an abusive mate is simply not worth it!

So whatever you choose to do to keep your head above water, while you think about when you plan to break up with your troubled partner (notice I didn't say if), know that it won't be easy, you will need many advisers, and definitely protection for yourself just in case your mate vows to pay you back for leaving him or her.

Once you are free from the drama, you will experience a myriad of emotions, some good others not-so good, but the best emotion of them all is PEACE!

May God bless all of you readers with peace, love and joy who are laboring to love an abusive mate.

Nicholl McGuire  wrote the popular article, How to Know Your Girlfriend is Crazy, see here.  Also, get the books Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and Laboring to Love Myself.

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God didn't put you with an abusive mate. Your flesh did.

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